Report Verification Licence Agreement

Please read this agreement before proceeding in using the report verification program. By checking the ‘accept checkbox’, you accept all the terms and conditions of this agreement.

  1. Please note that our original reports have two original holograms and that the GRS logo is copyrighted by GRS.
  2. This search program is provided as an additional means to prohibit the potential issuance of false and fake GRS reports and to make available an extra aid for checking our reports on the internet. If a report cannot be found, a direct check by by email to is highly recommended.
  3. Our databank will be updated on a monthly bases unless otherwise stated on our site.
  4. GRS does not guarantee that all issued reports’ data are included in our online databank, some reports data may not exist digitally on the internet within our report search databank. GRS cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by inability to locate a report in this valuntarily provided information.
  5. Finding a report data online does not guarantee the authenticity of the report in your possession; it only indicates that such a report may exist. Reports can be authenticated only by having the original inspected by GRS.
  6. This data bank may not be used to duplicate any reports.
  7. Copying the contents of this data bank is strictly prohibited.
  8. The use of this data bank outside our GRS website is strictly prohibited.
  9. GRS reserves the right of stopping this internet service in the future for any reason at any time.
  10. You agree to the general terms and limitation as published on GRS website.
  11. Place of legal jurisdiction is Lucerne (Switzerland).
  12. Any misuse of this service shall be reported to GRS.

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