FAQ – Report Verification System

Here some of the most common errors encountered when searching for a report:

  • Not agreeing to the terms of the License Agreement – please check the box before “Yes, I have Read and Agree to the Terms of the License Agreement.”
  • Data entered is case sensitive (upper and lower case letters matter) i.e.
    grs2007-010000 will not be accepted, GRS2007-010000 is the correct format.
  • Don’t type ct after the weight.
  • Input data in the ‘Weight 2’ field only if you’re searching for a pair.
  • Characters in the image box should be copied (case sensitive) to the input box below it.
  • The online verification system can be used to verify reports issued on 2000 onwards. Reports prior to 2000 have to be faxed to GRS for verification.