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GRS Aims For the Highest Pinnacle in Gemmological Research

Founded in 1996 by Dr. Adolf Peretti, GRS research has focused principally on the identification and characterization of high-quality gemstones from newly discovered mines, as well as determination of origin for gems derived from classic mining regions. The next area of research focuses on the identification of gemstone imitations, synthetics and new gem treatments. Our final area of expertise specializes in color grading and gemstone color branding, such as the well-known GRS-type Pigeon’s Blood and GRS-type Royal Blue.

Everyday, new methods are being developed for producing high-quality gem imitations for ruby, sapphire, diamond and emerald as well as many other species. In addition to these new synthetic methods, thermal and radiation treatments created to improve a stones’ appearance, plus the discovery and characterization of synthetic and treated stones have become increasingly vital. Our ongoing efforts are the best insurance for maintaining high standards found in our internationally recognized laboratory reports, which document authenticity and origin of fine gems. Our commitment to these high standards is evidenced by our investment of much of our resources back into research.

Our research activity runs the gamut of our renowned findings of new treatment methods, diamond authentication, and actively participating in discovering new minerals. We pledge to make our results transparent to the public through works published in specialized trade journals, on the Internet and in our own publication series Contributions to Gemology. We also produce gemstone origin documentaries, and present seminars at trade shows and other industry events.

Switzerland is a strategic centre for the trade of high quality gems and other luxury goods. The transit of such exquisite gems through Switzerland’s hub provides great opportunities for Swiss-based gemmological laboratories. With additional laboratory presence in Hong Kong (China), Bangkok (Thailand), New York (USA) and Colombo (Sri Lanka) and Paris (France), GRS is well positioned throughout the globe. Close to the source, as well as manufacturing centres and retail hubs, GRS has become a vertically integrated presence throughout the trade, serving clients around the globe.

We are committed to the highest degree of excellence in the field of gemological research. Supporting this goal is our collaboration with scientific partners from leading Swiss universities. Our board consists of dynamic, internationally recognized university professors, scientists and gemologists. The expertise of the administrative committee, of which Dr. A. Peretti is its founder, chairman and CEO, includes a rich knowledge-base of major gem deposits and synthetic gem producing laboratories around the world. Utilizing state-of-the-art analytical methods delivers an in-depth perspective to the latest international gemological research trends.

These comprehensive measures ensure the most trustworthy results for our services offered by our expert labs which includes gemologists FGA, GG, members SGG, EUROGEOL, Masters in Geology and Earth Sciences PhDs, as well as with our highly sophisticated laboratories and state-of-the-art technological equipment.

Thorough research is the key to ensure public confidence in the true value of gems
Board of Directors

GRS Board of Directors during the general assembly in 2017 at the GRS museum in Switzerland. From left to right: Prof. em. Dr. Josef Mullis (University of Basel, emeritus), Prof. Dr. Bernard Grobéty (University of Fribourg), Dr. Adolf Peretti (President), Prof. Dr. Detlef Günther (Vice President for Research and Corporate Relations of ETH Zurich), Prof. Dr. Eric Reusser (ETH Zurich), Prof. em. Dr. Thomas Armbruster (University of Bern, emeritus).

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