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New generation of diffusion-treated sapphire appear in large numbers on the market

A large number of diffusion-treated stones are detected in the laboratory. The diffusion-treatment includes the well-known method of adding Titanium in the surface. Some of the material has been additionally Beryllium-treated. The new aspect of this treatment is that the treaters obviously select already heat-treated sapphire with internal blue color-zoning. Than the stones are diffusion-treated […]

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Volcanic host-rock of Tibetan red andesine discovered

Hong Kong – Historically, the finest red feldspar (sunstone) has come from deposits in Oregon (USA). While sunstone has also been found in other places like India and Tanzania, the Oregon deposits have set the gold standard. In 2002, rich red feldspars from another source appeared on world markets. The source was originally said to […]


Launch of Contributions to Gemology No.10 at ETH Zurich

New andesine test developed by GRS needs high-tech testing at highest level in cooperation with Swiss Universities. Only stones from particular mines can be tested with non-destructive methods. Others need additional destructive testing. Testing is only possible through our Swiss office. Abstract: Red andesine from different collection points in Tibet have been tested for authenticity. […]


GRS hosts a conference in Hong Kong on Identification test for Copper-bearing gemstones using copper-isotope ratio determinations by Femtosecond Laser Ablation-MC-ICP-MS

Abstract Identification Test for Copper-bearing Gemstones (Copper-Andesine and Paraiba-type Tourmalines) Using Copper-Isotope Ratio Determinations by Femtosecond Laser Ablation-MC-ICPMS *Gisela Fontaine, *Kathrin Hametner, *Detlef Günther and **Adolf Peretti *ETH Zürich, Department of Chemistry, Wolfgang Pauli Strasse 10, CH-8093 Zurich, Switzerland, **GRS Gemresearch Swisslab AG, Rue du marché 12, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland Cu-bearing gemstones including Cu-bearing Plagioclase […]


Important chemical and structural data on Johachidolite published by Swiss universities and GRS in ‘Schreyer Memorial Issue’ of European Journal of Mineralogy

Eur. J. Mineral. 2008, 20, 965–973 Published online July 2008 Johachidolite, CaAl[B3O7], a mineralogical and structural peculiarity Milen KADIYSKI1, Thomas ARMBRUSTER1,*, Detlef GÜNTHER2, Eric REUSSER3 and Adolf PERETTI4 1 Mineralogical Crystallography, Institute of Geological Sciences, University of Bern, Freiestr. 3, 3012 Bern, Switzerland *Corresponding author, e-mail: 2 Laboratorium für Anorganische Chemie, ETH Hönggerberg, HCI, […]


GRS Alert: Clarity enhancement of rubies with a foreign solid filler including Bismuth

By Dr. A. Peretti and W. Bieri For the last couple of years, the appearance of lead-glass treated rubies has been widely recognized in the trade. The treatment is primarily used to enhance clarity in rubies or pink sapphires of lower commercial value. This treatment has been regularly seen at the GRS laboratory in rubies […]

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Advanced research for origin identification in unheated sapphires

GRS proudly announces that it has completed an in-depth research program including several thousand samples of sapphires from various mining areas in the Mogok region of Burma (Myanmar). Intensive study of the inclusion properties in sapphires from these different mining areas allows GRS to add more specific geographical origin information. This information includes the mining […]


“Paraiba”-tourmaline research completed – reporting policy of GRS

GRS announces that it has completed its research on “Paraiba tourmalines”. Paraiba tourmaline is a Cuprian-Elbaite of “neon-colors” of pastel greenish-blue to blue hue from the origin of Brazil (lit. 1). Such tourmalines, however, have recently become known from various other origins. The trade had to settle the question whether these tourmalines from these different […]


Report on the occurrence of a Be-treated blue sapphire of commercial importance

The colour of the Be-treated sapphire matches other types of conventional heated sapphires (low to medium tone, medium saturation, not dark, no greenish overtone, good transparency and brilliancy). The identification occurred during routine Beryllium-testing at GRS. Testing in immersion did show a slight discoloration from blue to grey in the rim of the sapphire. No […]


Detailed chemical profile across the new Be-treated (beryllium) blue sapphires

A faceted approx. 1 ct Be-treated blue sapphire (acquired 2 weeks ago from the market, sold as Be-treated) was cut in half. The half-cut sapphire provided the possibility of measuring the penetration of the Beryllium into the sapphires body (length 5mm and with 3mm). Two profiles were measured across the sample perpendicular to each other, […]