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GILC Meeting in Tucson 2018

GRS will be present at this year’s GILC (Gemstone Industry & Laboratory Conference) in Tucson. The main discussion points will be relating to color and origin of gemstones with the following topics: The validity and necessity of terms such as Pigeon Blood, Royal Blue, etc. Validity and necessity for African Paraiba tourmaline. Update on the […]


Update of Color-Grading for GRS-type “Pigeon’s Blood” Borderlines

Introduction of two new color-descriptors; “Vivid Red to Deep Red” and “Intense Red to Vivid Red”   After collecting valuable feedback from the trade gathered at GRS public seminars, trade shows and symposiums, GRS announces that it is further subdividing the field of colors that are covered by the term GRS-type “Pigeon’s Blood” by introducing […]


GRS Seminar and Emerald Book Launch in Bangkok

We cordially invite you to our special GRS seminar event in Bangkok in honor of our CEO and founder Dr. Peretti’s 60th birthday. In celebration to his gemological contributions to GRS, we shall be hosting seminars discussing a range of gemological topics and showcasing our latest book project on Colombian Emeralds. It would be our pleasure […]


GRS Alert: Unusual phosphorescent pebbles identified as synthetic aggregates

Phosphorescent pebbles are presented in the market as natural rounded pebbles (3.53 density) possessing extraordinary properties such as green phosphorescence when exposed to a strong light source and patchy blue to green fluorescence in short- and long wave UV-light (Figure 1), again with green phosphorescence (no blue). Such items appeared multiple times in the last […]

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Flying Into The Heart Of The Colombian Emerald-Mining Region

Bogotá, Colombia played host to the First World Emerald Symposium from October 13 to 15, bringing together various stakeholders of the Colombian and international emerald industry. Vital to the event were the various presentations made by Colombian (FEDESMERALDAS) and other trade organizations, private individuals, laboratories, scientists from universities and large mining companies, such as Muzo International […]


An ethical debate concerning ‘pigeon’s blood’ rubies and ‘royal blue’ sapphires from diverse origins

by Dr. A. Peretti, Director GRS   Lucerne, 6 November 2015 – The descriptive terminology of Pigeon’s Blood and Royal Blue colors first appeared on gemstone reports issued by GRS in the late 90’s (see timeline below). Since then, thousands of such reports have been issued with wide acceptance by the international trade. The specific grading criteria […]


Update of GRS type “Muzo green” emerald report policy

Lucerne, Switzerland [updated 6 November 2017] – The 1st International Emerald Symposium held in Bogotá, Colombia, October 13-15, 2015 brought together leading members of the gem and jewelry trade from around the world. There, GRS presented its proprietary color-grading concept for emeralds called GRS type “Muzo green” which identifies stones with exceptional color saturation and hue. […]


GRS Alert: A new type of synthetic spinel appears at the Bangkok show

Introduction In May 2015, the author (AP) was made aware that a company in Thailand (Tairus Co. LTD, Bangkok) had commissioned to a laboratory in Russia the production of new types of synthetic spinel of “lavender” colors by the method of crystal pulling from flux. This technique is the same used at the Institute of […]

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Perettiite Introduced At 8th European Conference on Mineralogy and Spectroscopy in Rome, Italy

8th European Conference on Mineralogy and Spectroscopy September 9-11, 2015 Rome, Italy September 8, 2015 – Museo Di Minerologica, Sapienza Universita Di Roma 16.00-18.00 – Participant registration 17.00-19.00 – Icebreaker party, visit to Mineralogy Museum Many different talks including next day September 9, 2015 – Aula Convegni, CNR 12.15-12.30 – Perettiite-(Y), Y3+2Mn2+4Fe2+[Si2B8O24], a new mineral […]


Perettiite – A New Mineral Discovery From Burma & 20 Years of GRS Gemresearch Swisslab AG in Switzerland

GRS announces the discovery of a new mineral; Perettiite-(Y) found in Burma (Myanmar) by Dr. Adolf Peretti which has also been named for him. Dr. Adolf Peretti mineral’s discoverer is head gemologist and director of GRS Gemresearch Swisslab AG (Adligenswil, Switzerland). “Perettiite” was identified after months of intense lab sessions with the support of a […]